Make fullpage screenshots of scripts I provide

Make fullpage screenshots of scripts I provide

Hey I am looking for someone that can install scripts I provide and make fullpage screenshots of them. There is a total of 50 scripts.

Basically install a script on a empty website, make about 4/5 FULLpage screenshots. And send them to me. Some browsers require an app download, I am using google chrome and there is an app for fullpage screenshots. There are some more popular scripts such as:

- Facebook
- Adbux
- Ebay
- Digg
- Adult sites
- Youtube
- Engines
- Yahoo answers
and more

I'm not sure about payment, because some of these scripts cost me aswell.
You will basically get 50 handy scripts in return. For webmaster I could offer
some huge graphic packs which include:

300+ Unique Logo’s
Conversion Graphics
Button Packs
Brochure/Flyer templates
Bullet points / attention grabbers
Guarantee Frames/Seals
Order Buttons
Price Stickers
Facebook timeline cover

Summary: Looking for someone that can install scripts, make a few fullpage screenshots, send them to me. Most of these scripts have an install guide. If they don't have one, please add a short notepad file as a install guide.

Budget = just offer me, I am providing 50 scripts which cost me aswell, a big graphic pack. If you want additional payment, be realistic please.

Will Trade

- 50 scripts
- big graphic pack
- $

Skills Required


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get all the required script installed, as specified. our charges$ 50 subjet to your approval/negotiation

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