Backlinks in my q&a site and share the same link in your site

Backlinks in my q&a site and share the same link in your site

I have a questions & answer site and which is indexed quite well in Google.
This WTT is for a mutual backlink exchanging.
Kindly see the details below

Will Trade

You can promote your backlink as an answer to any existing question , or else you can post a question in another username, and write an answer
with the backlink in another username .
However there should be good quality in the answer content.
Any niche is allowed except, adult, porn, racism and usual objectionable stuff.

Usually we hide any backlinks if we see that it is for mere promotion.

However in this WTT , we will allow that provided you place the Question link in your site..
like this example..
and let me know it's URL.

Skills Required

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    my site is - a daily curation of graphic design tutorials.

    let's swap backlinks - tell me about your site.


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