Someone to Copyedit my book in English

Someone to Copyedit my book in English

I have a book I am about finished with writing. I am in need of a GOOD copyeditor. I once paid one only to find out she was a fraud. THe book is approx 350 pages. You must have a strong profeciancy in English (e.g. spelling, grammer, mechanics).

This is my true life experience as an adult full of adventure, heart-ache, pain, laughter, tears, sex, drugs, the Marines and more.

Will Trade

I will be willing to translate your independent author book (cannot be copyrighted material must be your own) into one of nine languages: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Slovic, French, German or Czech. (Or I will translate any of these languages into English)

Your name will be listed as the copyeditor along with any link where you can get more work (for pay) in the book and the ebook..

Skills Required

Copyedit English Writer publishing

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