i need 100 word reviews and content ,,,,

i need 100 word reviews and content ,,,,

i am a professional caricature maker..i can draw anyone in a attractive animation version .
i run a website of avatar making.
i need articles of 100 to 200 words on my each caricature drawing .
i make blank and colorful caricatures .
you need to write simple articles ,,, which can describe my art
i think it is worth a caricature of yours in return of a 100 word writing
please contact me further detail.
here is my some sample caricature drawings ...
i can draw a family , couple or a portrait avatars with my style .

Will Trade

i will make professional avatars or caricature ...for you in return....

Skills Required


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in return i want a avatar of mine,,,,,written some letters

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    please contact me, i would love to do this.

    i will give you a short articles in the exchange for your drawings. i need more than one drawing, so you can expect that i write quite a number of articles for you. just make sure to deliver me pictures and to tell me what kind of a review you want me to make: funny, chirpy, gloomy, etc etc etc.

    thanks! contact me soon!

    in return, can you do me a gravatar i can use on my website?

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