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The higher your service is listed on the front page and category listings, the more sales you'll get. You can earn free bumps by doing various tasks or pay for bumps. Paid bumps add extra benefits to your service.

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Please Login and follow the bump link from your service

Paid Bump

A paid bump will automatically rebump your service in 12 hours. It includes 4 hours of highlight.

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Earn Free Bumps

  • Earn one free bump per day for logging in (1 per account and all linked)
  • Complete an order on time (2 per day)
  • Generate an affiliate sale for $5 or more (2 per day)
  • Generate a service sale for $5 or more (2 per day)
  • Create/ask a new topic/question on the FAQ (2 per day)
Free bumps are updated once every 24 hours.
Your account must be email verified to receive free bumps.

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20 bumps for $8