The US Fast Shared Hosting Server With Free Auto SSL for $12

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The US Fast Shared Hosting Server With Free Auto SSL

Welcome to SSD Shared Hosting...

With the Shared hosting, you will receive a cPanel Control Panel to manage all your domains for your own personal use.

Server Location - Seattle, Washington

Hosting Terms & Conditions:
<< Terms Of Services & Acceptable Use Policy(AUP) - Visit Here! >>

Unlimited Addon Domains including subdomains
Q: How many websites can I add to the basic package?
A: You can as many websites(Unlimited Addon Domains) including subdomains to all packages, be it Basic Plan, Pro Plan or Premium Plan.

Softaculous Apps Installer: 440+ Auto Installer Script Including WordPress

Hosting Features:
• Multiple PHP Version - 5.6/7.0/7.1/7.2/7.3
• LiteSpeed + Cloudlinux + CageFS
• DDOS Protection
• Softaculous Apps Installer(Example, WordPress)
• R1Soft CDP Backups
• Attractive SEO Tools
• RvSiteBuilder Pro
• 99.999% Uptime Guarantee
• 24/7 Support
• 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
• Auto SSL ( Automatic Assign By cPanel To All Domains )

Basic Package: $US12.00 Per Year ( Renewable Every Year )
50 GB Disk Space
•Unmetered Bandwidth
•Unlimited Addon Domains
•Unlimited MySQL Databases
•Unlimited Email Accounts
•Unlimited FTP
•Website Builder
•cPanel Control Panel
•Auto SSL ( Automatic Assign By cPanel To All Domains )

Pro Package: $US20.00 Per Year ( Renewable Every Year )
300GB Disk Space
•Unmetered Bandwidth
•Unlimited Addon Domains
•Unlimited MySQL Databases
•Unlimited Email Accounts
•Unlimited FTP
•Website Builder
•cPanel Control Panel
•Auto SSL ( Automatic Assign By cPanel To All Domains )

Premium/Deluxe Package: $35 Per Year ( Renewable Every Year )
Unlimited Disk Space
•Unmetered Bandwidth
•Unlimited Addon Domains
•Unlimited MySQL Databases
•Unlimited Email Accounts
•Unlimited FTP
•Website Builder
•cPanel Control Panel
•Auto SSL ( Automatic Assign By cPanel To All Domains )


  • You can upgrade from Basic Plan to Pro Plan or Premium Plan without changing your current hosting.
  • You can upgrade from Pro Plan to Premium Plan without changing your current hosting at any time.

Why Choose US?

  1. We have storage servers for backup purposes, so, you can restore & backup your websites at any time. You can restore your website at any time because we don’t delete files!
  2. Many shared hosting providers restricted to use high resources usage of WordPress plugins like backupbuddy to backup and restore a domain which resulted you were unable to completely backup or restore a domain. The whole process of backup and restore might stop at a point which is irritating to the max. Fortunately, this will not be happening on our hosting.
  3. Malware Scan: All hosting plans come with CSF and LFD firewalls and a real-time malware and virus scanner directly inside cPanel. Plus brute-force detection as an added layer of security!
  4. Website secured with free SSL certificates!
  5. Our has DDoS protection, yes, any kind of websites will be protected.
  6. I am a professional WordPress blogger, thus, I know what problems you may face.
  7. If you want to migrate from the old host to the new host, after subscribed, when receiving details, please read and find "How To Backup The Complete cPanel?" to learn how to backup and restore the entire cPanel account.
  8. You can optimize your WordPress website to improve GTmetrix without an issue. See the following example.

Before Optimize:

After Optimized:

** Multiple PHP version - You Can Change The PHP Version According To Your Website Configurations or Script Requirements.

** This is AUTO SSL, you do not need to do any SSL certificate Installation - No more frustration manual installation!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Did your server provide daily backup of every cPanel data?
A: Yes we provide Daily / Weekly / Monthly backup. And we soon will provide a better version of backup that is not exist anywhere that will let our clients restore their websites with one click.

Q: Does the server has any limitation on the inode/files usage?
A: No, as long as it is usable. Other words the site needs it to run.

Q: You are offering cheap hosting, what if the server down, how fast for it be back online?
A: I, myself have few domains on the server for both New York and Phoenix, so, without having you contact me for the issue, I have already contacted our server team. The team is in the US, so, it might take a few hours, usually not more than 6 hours.

Q: I do not know how change the Nameserver?
A: Message me through SEOclerks inbox. Also, in the delivery message, you will get to know how to do this.

Q: I do not know how increase memory size or select PHP version?
A: Message me through SEOclerks inbox. Also, in the delivery message, you will get to know how to do this.

Q: Is mass or auto sending email to allow for the hosting?
A: Thousands domain hosted on our shared hosting environment. Unsolicited commercial advertisements (‘SPAM’) and bulk send email are not allowed in e-mail, and will likely result in service termination. So, we take a zero-tolerance approach to SPAM originating from its servers or for spam advertising of domains hosted within our network. If found, YOUR account may be suspended, if no action within 24 hours your account get termination and no refund.

Q: What is high CPU usage, will my account suspended if I used it?
A: The account will get instant suspension. The difference between CPU and Bandwidth is, the CPU cores and entry process, and the related to CPU things is different than the bandwidth that's related to the network traffic and visitors.

High CPU code is happened due to, an error with a plugin or the plugin itself is using high CPU and eating the resources so fast.

So eating the CPU code be used from both plugins and visitors, but we have a website that received millions of visitors without any issues. But if you have a plugin that resources and CPU and your website are receiving the same amount of visitors this maybe lead a down in the main server. or a down in your website itself if the server is using the cloudLinux technology.

Thus, we advice you to regularily backup your data/cPanel/WordPress to avoid immediate suspension.

Q: Do you offer a free migration from the old hosting?
A: We do a free migration for you as long as your existing host is also using cPanel control panel with standard cPanel backups feature enabled and with no compatibility issue. You also must provide cPanel Login Credentials of your OLD hosting/Server provider.

Q: How long does it take for your support to do the migration? Approximate time?
A: This depends on how many websites you are going to migrate, We have fasts SSD disks, also we have raid 10 hard disks both have a great speed. But if you have many websites for example 50 websites and every website have 1 GB storage. 50 websites = 50GB we can do a restoration in just 40 minutes! But if you want us to do the migration, for example, a website with 5GB Space this won't take 5 Minutes ( From the time our staff starts the migration ). Please take note, after you sent details to us, no change can be made. So, confirm 100% from your end.

Q: I am from Indonesia, which server location do you recommend?
A: We have tested with the buyer from Medan, Indonesia, the server at Phoenix location is best in terms of speed. However, we allow you to try both server until you are happy choosing the right one for your business. So, proceed with the order without a single worry. Thanks

Q: virus scanner is missing...
A: Our server has just removed the csf firewall from the roots on Feb 12, 2018, after many complaints regarding it. After the removal, before we sent xmail out, cannot be received by other xmail...
So, to solve the problem, this is the only way to make everyone happy.

Q: I received a lot of message from my site said "the website did not load well"?
A: The server is working great. Don't depend on the other monitoring services because of the number of connections looks like ddos attack that's why our firewall is filtering these ips and block it for a while.

Q: How to run the Auto SSL certificate automatically?
A: You do not need to do anything. Just wait for the domain NameServers to be propagated in full. How long this takes? Normally within few hours to 72 hours. This is a general info, most of the people knew about this. The AUTO SSL will be automatically assigned to all your domains including the sub-domains.
You Must Provide A Valid Domain:
A client without providing a valid domain will be canceled and refunded. This will be your main domain for your cPanel account. Others are the addon domain.

Avoid Account Suspension:
1) REAL Domain names ONLY. (Names must be registered Domains and point to our DNS/IP).

2) NO “Index_of” sites. All sites must either have an under construction page or some kind of content. (index_of sites or just doorways for hackers so they are not allowed). NO BLANK PAGES - all sites but has some kind of content on them.

Make sure your hosting domain always and remain pointing to our IP.
If not, the hosting account will be suspended and locked immediately without notice.

<< Terms Of Services & Acceptable Use Policy(AUP) - Visit Here! >>

Using our server for the purpose of emailing or email spamming will get your account an immediate terminated without notice!

*** Change of Master/Main Domain***
Kindly take note that the changing of the master domain not including addon domain. The changing is only to a single domain - Main domain.
That is an additional fee of $5 for the changing. Check the extras for this service. So, please consider using your best domain as a master domain for the hosting.

If you have an issue, inbox messaging at SEOclerks, and I'll be happy to answer them. This is according to SEOclerks rule and regulation. From the past experienced, it is easy since we can simply send images and files attached. Additionally, when you are inbox message me, I will receive an almost instant notification from SEOclerks to my mobile HP.

Preinstalled WordPress Themes & Plugins: $10

All Orders Are Processed Monday To Sunday 08:00 - 24:00, Tuesday: 10.00 - 17:00
Visit here to view the current time in Kuala Lumpur and see if I am available for these hours. Orders will not be processed outside these hours which can be viewed by checking here If you have a question please INBOX me.

* I will put all info into the "Excel" including your domain subscribed and expired date.


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