Get a Google News Approved website on your domain for $299

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Get a Google News Approved website on your domain

I have previously worked for Google and I have worked on the guidelines for Google News. Getting approved for Google News is hard as there are many factors that are taken into consideration apart from the content.

What are the benefits of being in Google News?

1. Brand Value

Your brand news channel will become more well-known around the world if your website is one that Google News has approved.

2. Instant Traffic

News posted on Google News-approved websites gets indexed quickly, which will increase traffic to your website right away.

3. Increased Links to your website

Your search engine ranking will rise as a result of the direct link you will receive from the Google News website. For the most recent updates and news, numerous new websites are constantly looking for reputable websites.

4. Benefits of positive value due to publishing fresh content

Google gives websites that regularly update their website's content extra credit.

5. The "Authority Site" status on your website

Your website receives an "Authority Site" status because it has been manually reviewed and approved by the Google News team. Your website will start receiving more natural and news traffic as a result of improving its ranking.

6. Fast indexing of new pages

The Google News Crawler is a unique crawler created specifically for indexing news in real-time. When you post your news on a website that is approved by Google News, it is immediately crawled and indexed in the news index.

7. Better organic traffic

The likelihood that your website will show up at the top of search results is increased by Google giving it a high authority rating. Your website will receive more natural traffic as a result.

8. Authenticity of your website

Websites that appear in Google News are regarded as genuine websites. As a result, you ought to take advantage of this chance to keep your website in good shape.

9. Two-fold presence in Google

The best sources of traffic to your website are Google News and Google Search. Your news pages are indexed very quickly in both the Google News index and the search engine index if your website is listed in Google News.

10. Automatic and fast SEO with less effort

When you write and post news to your website, it automatically and quickly gets indexed. Writing high-quality news articles is all that is required of you for your website. Your article is quickly indexed based on the calibre and veracity of news/releases.

The Google News Service

The cost per website is $299 which includes:

  • 10 Service pages that link to Google News. These are specific Policy Pages that are needed to apply on Google News. I supply the information and you put it on your website, where I suggest.
  • Install additional plugins as per Google Policies
  • Google News Sitemap
  • Enhanced posts and categories on your website, adhering to Google News Policies.
  • Submission to Google News (this can take between 2-4 weeks) I launched a website that was a week old. Within 2 days I was approved on Google News
  • Guaranteed submission
  • Accepted on most languages and types of websites


  • You must not have had a website previously on Google News
  • You must work with me. I cannot work with you if you are not supplying or being vacant. I need your support for your website
  • Obviously, no porn or websites that violate policies
  • Ads on your website must be limited to 3 per page
  • Speak to me before booking this service and send me your URL


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