Must Read - FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How many URL's can you use in one order?
A: We Allow Unlimited URLs and Keywords

Q: Do you guarantee SERP movement?
A: Of course we guarantee SERP movement.

Q: Do you provide reports?
A: Yes, we will provide a complete and detailed report of the work.

Q: Are your PBN sites indexed on Google?
A: Yes, all our PBN sites are well-indexed on Google.

Q: How long post will stay in the homepage?
A: Your post will remain on the site's homepage for about 30 Days and then will roll off to inner page PERMANENTLY.

Q: What is the average turnaround time?
A: Turnaround time is 1 to 2 working days.

Q What is the refund policy?
A: We will fully refund the money if we fail to deliver what we claimed.

Q: Are these links permanent?
A: Yes, all links are permanent.

Q: Do you accept gambling, illegal, adult porn or drugs related websites?
A: No sorry, we don't.

Q: Do you have discounts for bulk orders?
A: Yes, we do, please contact for more details. We will make the most reasonable quote for bulk orders.

Q: Do you accept foreign keywords?
A: Yes we do, but the article will still be in English.

Q: Do you provide the articles?
A: Yes we do, you just need to order us and relax. We will handle each and everything.

Q: Are these general niche blogs?
A: Yes these are general niche blogs. If you need Niche Relevant HIGH PA DA PBN links then, inbox us. We will quote you the price for the links.

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If you still have any question, please feel free to contact us.

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User Ratings

  • Andy2222
    Andy2222 9 hours ago

    Good work, Hope for the best results....Thanks

    • Vfmseo


  • userinvest
    userinvest 1 day ago


    It seems fine. Thanks!

    • Vfmseo

      you are welcome

  • blueant
    blueant 4 days ago

    many thanks

    • Vfmseo


  • iceyreddy
    iceyreddy 6 days ago


    • Vfmseo

      you are welcome

  • naijacoolnews
    naijacoolnews 6 days ago

    Dear it seems that you havent started my order because am not yet seeing it.

    • Vfmseo

      We have completed the task and also deliver you detail excel report,

  • prm3
    prm3 8 days ago


Buyers Comments

  • Vfmseo

    Hi Larema,
    Sample send on PM

    27 days ago
  • Vfmseo

    Hi Fin

    i have send you PM

    26 days ago
  • Vfmseo

    Samples send via PM

    25 days ago
  • Awkampret

    Hi Sophia, can you sen me a sample?
    Is this available for gambling niche?
    aand is this available for Indonesian target?
    please PM me

    24 days ago
  • Vfmseo

    Sorry we dont Allow gambling niche

    24 days ago
  • Awkampret

    So saaaad
    I need this pbn for gambling niche
    Thank you anyway!

    24 days ago
  • Vfmseo

    HI Kamal

    Sample send VIA PM

    24 days ago
  • kamalchandel

    I want to use my own content, Is it Ok for you?

    23 days ago
  • Vfmseo

    Yes, why not, we can post your provided articles

    23 days ago
  • Vfmseo

    Hi Arif

    See sample domains on PM

    22 days ago
  • Vfmseo

    Hi Abiko
    PLease see PM for samples

    22 days ago
  • Vfmseo

    Hi Dheer, Send samples on PM

    21 days ago
  • basitbajwa

    What is your PA DA ANd how many you have sites in PBN

    18 days ago
  • Vfmseo

    We have 300+ pbn domains, Average DA / PA is 20+

    18 days ago
  • abubakarss

    Hey can i get your email or facebook ID?? i need to talk

    16 days ago
  • Vfmseo

    Yes, we provide detail report

    15 days ago
  • Vfmseo

    Hi, Let me know what you need ?

    11 days ago
  • DelicateSoft

    Hi Dear, Can you send me a sample report please.
    Have you done this for any software niche? better if you send me that one, otherwise any.

    11 days ago
  • Vfmseo

    OK please see pm for sample

    11 days ago
  • PodamiKeishing

    I need a sample before ordering because the last time I order some backlinks from someone in seoclerks , they say they were quality but it was just links in random wiki sites with less than 30 words
    How would ever that be considered quality backlinks

    10 days ago
  • Vfmseo

    Hi Podam

    Please see PM for samples

    10 days ago
  • jamies123a

    message me i am looking for more information.

    9 days ago
  • followlikesoc

    Hey can i get a sample?

    i own and i would like to buy your services

    6 days ago
  • Vfmseo

    Hi Follow

    please see PBN for samples

    5 days ago
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