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  • i need service descriptions with images
i have a wordpress website, i have installed theme demo data..
i need some one to edit this demo dataand create about us page
we are a call center, we provide this services:
  • helpdesk
  • email support
  • audio/video transcription (we also transcribe medicals conversation)
  • translation
  • pdf/image to ms word
  • scheduling and handle appointment
  • store managements (manages orders and drpship business)
  • data entry
  • web and desktop developpement
  • Customer Support
our agents speak 3 languages : English, Français, Arabic


need services descriptions with a good images quality
Level Required: 2+

Skills Required

Articles Dataentry


$ lvl.
I will provide service de ... ages for your call center
I will edit your wordpress website demo data and create the "about us" page
for your call center, with regards to these services :
  1. helpdesk
  2. email support
  3. audio/video transcription (we also transcribe medicals conversation)
  4. translation
  5. pdf/image to ms word
  6. scheduling and handle

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