Youtube Channel Commenter

Youtube Channel Commenter

I need a YouTube commenter who can do these specific things: have fun kid icons like the ones I show in my images. I need names that are fun and cute like Lps dreamer, kawaiicutegal57, mintymacarongirl, smilieLPS,
Kailey'sLPSstudios. I can give the names if you want. I would like 30 comments and 30 likes on the videos I choose. I would like to pay $1 per job. Please ask me anything, if you need to. Thank you! DDDD


My Youtube channel is a fun kid channel! So I prefer to have the commenters to have kid names and fun "kid like" icons. I can give the names, but if you can think of some fun cute girlie names that would be fine too! I like LPS to be in the names , but don't have to be in all of them. LPS stands for "Littlest Pet Shops" These are little toys!! My channel has videos using these toys as puppets. I prefer English speaking and writing! DDDD I would like 30 comments that I provide and 30 likes too! I will pay $1 per job. Thank you!!! DDDD

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Created 2 years ago in Youtube

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