NEED SUPPLIER of Drip-Feed Youtube Comments with User Interactions like Replies and Thumbs-Up

NEED SUPPLIER of Drip-Feed Youtube Comments with User Interactions like Replies and Thumbs-Up

Amateurs, Beginners, or Wearer's of BlackHats Need NOT APPLY!!

I am THE #1 Overall Seller here on SEOClerks...PERIOD.

As you'll notice, out of the only FOUR Level X5 Sellers (below), I have the highest amount of Positive Feedback (987), the most Recommendations (24), and the ONLY one Located in the USA.

The reason for the Significance of being in the USA is that the US Dollar is Stronger than the majority of other Country's Currencies, therefore, many Sellers who live in these Countries can afford to do much more for it than I can.
So they are able to charge less for their Services.
Whereas I have had to make up for this by providing a higher "Quality" of Service.

I am also the #1 Affiliate here on SEOClerks:

I have Won every Affiliate Contest that I Participated in (2)!!

The reason I mention the above is not to brag, but to give potential Candidates an Idea of what kind of "level" I work at, so you can get an idea of what's expected of you...

...but more importantly, the amount of Sales that you can expect to receive, when working with me. (if I pick you)

Most of my Sales are from my Youtube Services and my Clients are pretty big spenders.

So I hope I can bring you much business and we can work together.


  • Preferred Candidate has at least 2+ Years Experience Providing Youtube Service that COMPLY with their Policies

  • You should be Familiar with, and keep up to Date with Youtube's ever changing Policies and tell me when their Latest Update was. (please don't answer this publicly- PM Me)

  • Know how to BEST Optimize a Video for Search (Title, Keywords, Description, Tags)


Lately, my Clients have been requesting these Services:
  • "Drip-Feed" Comments (spread out over a week or two).

  • "Thumbs Up" and "Replies to" Comments
  • Multiple Replies, to Comments
  • Multiple Thumbs Up, on Comments AND
  • Thumbs Up WITHIN the Replies: themselves.

If any Comments and/or Replies are also Connected and/or Posted via a Google+ Account, then expect to be Paid more.

Comments without Profile Thumbnail Photos are NOT Acceptable.

Sample of your recent Work REQUIRED!! (No exceptions)

Pay will VARY Depending on the Quality of your Services and the Size of the Orders you can Handle.

Once we work all that out, then you can create a Service based on the above (with "extras") so I can Order from you as Needed.

Skills Required

Youtube Comments Social Interactions Thumbups Replies Drip fed Drip feed Drip Fed Feed Thumbs Thumbsup Thumb Up G Googleplus Google Reply Getresponse Response


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