Decent Jingling VPS

Decent Jingling VPS

I need a really decent VPS that can run Jingling in Sandboxie (multiple instances). It needs to be fast enough to run Jingling multiple times. I can pay $50/month. It obviously needs to be a Windows VPS. I need fast delivery, I can buy today. Please don't redirect me to a site selling VPS. Just make me an offer that I can buy through here, thanks.

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i will provide you windows vps with 4 gb ram 2 core cpu . unmetered bandwitdh with 100gb diskspace

1.80 ghz cpu
512mb ram
15gb disk
unlimited data transfer
remote desktop, easilly accessible via windows (start, run, type: mstsc)
or other vnc explorer

these specs can run multiple instances.

buy multiple months if u wish. support provided via:

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