Nedd Someone who can help me plit my vps server

Nedd Someone who can help me plit my vps server

I Need someone to help me to divide a vps verver (with many ip and ipv6) into multiple virtual servers.

For example if my physical server does, 4 gb of Ram and 300GB of hard disk. in vps Unbuntu
I want to divide it into 4 virtual servers each of: 1gb RAM and 70 GB hard drive.or any way to make server in 3 or 4, because i need to install masternode in each one totaly independantly. creating different user don't help, because dont let intall the softare more than one. and i need to intall it for each mater

Also each virtual server will have its own IP address and will have a specific port number so i can enter ssh in each vps


Anybody who know how do split vps . do host each one or any mode to plit vps t oinstall masternode totaly separate

Skills Required

vps masterno


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