I want 4 windows vps for 30 days

I want 4 windows vps for 30 days

I want 4 vps for $5. I don't care if vps's RAM are less than 2GB.
But it should have even 700MB RAM. those vps should be in windows.


Windows 2008 R2 SP 1 64 bit / Windows 2012 R2 SP 1 64 bit
700MB RAM or more
2 vCPUs 2.60 GHz Intel™ Xeon
4 GBPS Internet Network Speed
Valid for 1 Month

VPS Location (Asia, Europe, US)
Those vps should run 30 days. I am using these vps only for running bots
Please give me if you have?


10 windows vps.

Skills Required



4 windows for 30 days

1 cpu cores @ 3.50ghz
512mb ram
20gb hdd
unlimited bandwidth (1gbps network)
99.99% uptime
support 24/7

Created 6 years ago in VPS

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