Setup FTP access on debian VPS

Setup FTP access on debian VPS

This task involves logging into my Debian VPS(I will provide root access) and setting up FTP. Then I also need a user account created that has access to a certain folder on the machine. I also need to have the access verified and tested(from your own computer is fine, once I know that it works)


-Understand linux command line.
-Knows which ftp program to use serverside.
-Understand firewall rules to allow access on ftp ports.
-Can verify that a user can login to the ftp server once it is setup.

Skills Required

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setup a ftp and user account with access to a single folder you set. i already managing my server for more than 2 years, i have lower experience with debian based linux, but i will be able to do this simple task safelly for you.

Created 6 years ago in VPS

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