Install me 2 script on my 2 domains and set-up my vps

Install me 2 script on my 2 domains and set-up my vps

Hi,guys need someone to install me 2 script,on my domains,someone knows,how to set-up a vps and domains properly,asked someone to do it,they have uploaded to the wrong place,many regards
delete files,he left behind and install scripts on my two domains,info will be attached,thank you
if you do a good job,more work will be provided..
more work available after this
many regards


upload scripts,install on two domains,and set-up vps for the domains...

Skills Required

Hosting Php Vps


i can set up your vps.
i will make a bare install of the script & set up the dns for your domain to point correctly.

please i may able to do the jobs as the required notes

i will sell rdp windows for u
and extra bandwith 4000gb $10

cpu: 2000mhz guaranteed;
ram: 8gb guaranteed;
port: 1gbps
disk space: 120gb;
bandwidth: 8000gb;
no control panel, just ip and password;
billing cycle:30days

our guarantee:
if your vps is turn off, error, or anything that can not be accessed, we will give you vps replacement w

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