Indie PC Game Trailer

Indie PC Game Trailer

I will send you the game, along with a few lines of text I want spliced into action sequences that you will record. (either that or I try to send you 300 gb and take 3 years lol). I have music I will send you. Must be under 1 minute, action packed, display the text I want, etc.


Must download my game (its still sort of an alpha version so you will have to get a hang of it). Here is an example of it to prove its real

Record enough footage for a 40-60 second trailer no more or less.

Splice in Text sequences like "Featuring over 30 weapons...." etc, I will give them to you later.

Use the music I provide, easy enough.

Make it fast passed, action packed, etc.

Video must demonstrate certain elements which I will explain to you (hence the requirement with some familiarity with the game, dont worry its real basic).

Skills Required

Video Editing Gaming Twitter Followers


hi, i have been making video game videos for over 7 years now. i highly enjoy it, and consider it one of my favorite hobbies. i would love to work on a project for you!



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