looking video creator for our fundraising project...!

looking video creator for our fundraising project...!

Hello Friends,
We are cat lovers community wanna create promotional videos for our fundraising project, we hope we could get someone who has
been able to help us...!

-20-30 stray cats has been starving during COVID-19 pandemic

-Hello Hooman, Please treat us thus we don't face the faith of 'starving' during this pandemic situation. We are a group of more or less 30 stay cats, the cat-lovers community, and club based in Indonesia

-due to the corona virus situation, some of our human friends lost their job and not able
to play with us or feed us. Some humans are bad, they don't like us, they won't feed us, and they want us dead.

-if you donate some money for our foods, we all cats remain grateful to you. If you
help them to feed us for one day, it will be a blessing from us and from God
too. Although, it's not just food or play, we get sick too! And we don't have any money to treat us.

-Our humans are also caring for our friends, and treat them too. But in this
present situation, without the money, they can't do anything for anyone.

-Please help us by donating a tiny bit of money, thus we can settle happily. We only
eat a tiny amount of food, so any of your helping values will remain healthy
for us. Thank you.Meow


-We have some activity videos that's must mix and combining with our narrative text. (above)
-Below is our fundraising web link. might help

Skills Required

video editing


i just came across your job request a d i will be so glad to create a well detailed video for your fundraising project and i will deliver it fast. please hire me

hi, i can create simple picture slide base video also you can give me text i will convert in voice also add text and give you if you need i can help in this price. god bless you.

i may creat a new idea for the videos you looking for with ly skills .. and with hight qualite hd/full-hd

i will do your work 100% and you would like me to do my work in future. please have me do you work once. i will perfect your work so much that you will see me again in the future.

my services is real no fake its real so please order me i wait for a order.

my services is real no fake its real so please order me i wait for a order

i am a fond of pets, i will be happy to help you with this. i can make a high quality and interesting video to raise funds for them.

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