2D Skeletal Animator

2D Skeletal Animator

Information for the business: Videogames
Industry: Entertainment
Design details: In gelo studio we are currently developing our game Human Piñata and we need a 2D Artist for the following tasks:

- Participate in the planning process.
- Animate 4-6 human character sprites in a top-down view with their respective idle (4) and walk (4) cycles.
- A Few UI animations. (Since we are still doing planning we will discuss the amount together before reaching an agreement)
- If required: Attend to online meetings

Full information about the job (Design, Technical details and general information for the project) will be provided via a document once the planning process is finished.
Ideas for the visual style: Semi-realistic
Extra notes: For more information on the project you can visit our Game Jolt devlog page:

Also you can find gelo studio information here:



    1) Animation
    2) 2d animation

    Skills Required

    2d Aniamtion


    i will help you out the throw out the game development process .design and redesign the game asset for you.
    attend the change meeting and change in game assets

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