Video Interview Service

Video Interview Service

Need a video of you answering 4 short questions. Video would not need to be more than a minute in length and would not need to be edited.

You do not have to be of any particular religion or even have any religious beliefs to answer the question.


A video of you answering the following based on this question:

Do you think the information in the Bible is real?

The 4 questions you need to answer (based on the above question) are:

- What is your response to this question? Why?

- Have you thought much about this question throughout your life? why/why not?

- Does your answer to this question impact how you live your life? in what ways?

-If someone told you the Bible was 100% real or false (the opposite you believe in) and you believed them completely, how would this change your life?

Skills Required

bible religion opinion interview video talking thoughts english speaking voice


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