Animated EDGE and/or GIF

Animated EDGE and/or GIF

I have an image of a car that I need to animate a flashing break light onto, in Preferably both EDGE and GIF, but Gif is less important. There are very specific requirements as to the flashing that I will provide later( Timing, # of flashes, etc)

Pic is what you will be working with but I can provide actual files.

MUST BE ADOBE EDGE ANIMATION + GIF (gif optional) but it must be an EDGE animation. If you want to do the GIF only for much cheaper, contact me privately.


Animation of must be of the break like initially off.

-Flash four times, goes solid on the fourth (stays lit)
-This must take exactly 2.5 seconds
-Light must not go out, only dim to 50% intensity. (flash from 100% to 50%)

Also I am not sure if EDGE animations can take programmable logic, but the limit on the flashing should have a "cooldown" of 5 seconds. If that is not possible that is fine.

The quality of the work must be professional.

Skills Required

edge adobe gif animation animator video animations adobeedge


i can do the animation on adobe after effects then deliver the file in any video format and gif.

just hit the order button and consider your work done. you will be satisfied with the job.

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