Animated Video with pictures and sound

Animated Video with pictures and sound

I am a website designer, but i dont have time to do this work, my brother is going to pass away any day and I want to do a after affects, video with animation and use photos that i will provide and a background song or 2, for playing on a screen during funeral. It will have to have titles, and descriptions, images, sound and possible animation.


animation, images, creativity and design, titles and descriptions, background sound, I would say the video will be the length of 2 songs, or like 3 to 4 min.

Skills Required

Animation Video Images Creative


hello, first of all i'm very sorry for you. very sad. i will create a 1080p hd video in his honor with pictures you send me. i will include music, and completely deck it out!
please message me for further details.
make his memory last, with a video created from me.

thanks for your time,
nextant | video & graphic design s

please sir order me

hi this is a sad incident and am sorry about ur bro pal but may he find a good resting place when he leaves our earth,
i will do this work without any charge after the job if u want to show an appreciation i would accept it thanks

u can check out my portfolio here

well,i its your brother you should have done it on your own it wont take that much time but we are here to work will do as per your demand but you should have put your emotion into it.
p.s. stay strong everyone dies some day.

i will create 1080p hd video with the details you have provided me.

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