Somewant wanted to create video review!

Somewant wanted to create video review!

Hello guys and girls! Girls especially! I am looking for someone perky and drop dead gorgeous to make me a video review/testimonial of a simple skincare product a body balm.

It only really needs to be a short video of a few minutes or so. I will even give you a basic script to follow so you will know what to say.

All you have to do is record yourself saying what you think of this product after using it and how you thoroughly recommend it to everyone else.

I'll tell you about the specific product you're doing a video on so you can quickly research it or you can check what it says about it on my site.

I just need you to make the video (record it) then send me the video file so I can upload to my Youtube channel. That's it!

Video needs to be approx 3-5 minutes long.
Don't need to actually have the product you're reviewing.
We can just cut to a picture of it.
As long as it shows you just talking about it.

I will give you the script to say. You don't have to say it perfectly word for word as long as you get the core message across.

Please message me first if you're interested in the work. I will tell you about the product I want you to review.



Please put your bid price for a 3-5 minute video review of my product.

Prefer a women or young girl to do it but men can apply too if you're the kind that takes your skincare seriously.

Skills Required

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