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  • find me 5 shared hosting clients
Hi there.

I am a new web hosting reseller and i am also a web developer and graphics designer.
being a new business and still in the process of finishing my website, i am looking for some genuine shared hosting clients who are looking to have their websites hosted. small businesses etc.

your job will be to source out 5 small business clients, or anyone who needs a long term website, communicate with me so we can help sign them up to one of my shared hosting plans.

My services will soon be extended to VPS plans and Hosting Reseller Plans as well.

I can also give you a coupon code to help me bring clients in.
all clients will also receive free technical support around the clock on their websites.

The person who can complete this job will have ongoing work. You have two weeks.

* note: this is a trial job. A test to see if we can work well together. if you sign up successful and genuine clients to my website, there will be much more work in future *


- the right candidate must speak good english
- the right candidate will be available to reply quickly when I message them
- the right candidate must be good at sourcing business clients
- clients have to sign up, register a domain and pay for a shared hosting package (monthly subscription)
- clients have to be genuine and not unsubscribe before a 6 month period
- a detailed explanation on how you can and will help me

Skills Required

Sales Marketing Onlinemarketin Business Affiliatemarke Website Webhosting Resellerhostin English Sale


$ lvl.
5k like4like points only for
Points ready
instant delivery

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$2 1 order now!
find me 5 shared hosting clients
I can do this job. please order me
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$10 1 order now!
white hat SEO for your website
have a wonderful day.

i shall provide you 10$ related white hat seo works so that you can get traffic from search engines for the life time. your service will receive traffic by 20 social media bookmark back link.


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$10 3 order now!
I can Give You Unlimited Hosting for Life time
after red your requirement i understand your demand i can give you infinity hosting which is no limit for hosting
i still recommend please rank for web site do blacking
thank you

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$15 2 order now!
Life time free Domain hos ... g with unlimited Sotrage
The steep of ranking your domain
  1. decide how much hand-holding you'll need
  2. estimate the amount of traffic you expect (and be honest with yourself). ...
  3. understand server types. ...
  4. be wary of unlimited offers. ...
  5. choose a portable content management system to avoid lock-in. ...
  6. own your domain name

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$10 3 order now!
Buy our reseller package ... r then any other provider
Buy our reseller package which is cheaper then any other provider

if you want more higher or custom plan then contact me first.

starter plan:
space: 20gb ssd
bandwidth: 200gb
cpanel accounts: 20 (you can sell 20 web host in any price you want)
many more
$8/monthly or $40/yearly (normal price 8x12 = 96 so 56$

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$8 1 order now!


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    Please PM us with specs of your shared hosting and the domain address.

    14 days ago
  • rambo85

    no problem messaging now

    14 days ago