a windows 7 cloud that runs my traffic bots

a windows 7 cloud that runs my traffic bots

i would like an online windows 7 cloud for use with my traffic bots and tablet pc so that i can login to it where ever i want and have it online all the time with my traffic bot software running 24/7 so it looks and feels like regular windows 7 ultimate and live online in a browzer


the cloud must be windows 7
online 24/7
have access to fast broadband
have access to over 100GB
have no bandwidth problems
be able to run my traffic bots and email smtp
have more than 2ghz dual cpu or dual core
not be graphically different to a normal laptop
be able to run ipv6 scripts native
have a personal login and password
the ability to reboot cloud
ability to manage apps
ability to run .exe windows 7 apps and batches
have the ability to reinstall windows 7


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