Upload my html to ftp

Upload my html to ftp

I want to sell my ebook through internet. I have 3 pages html. Also I have a cpanel account and a domain. Actually, it can be done for 1-2 hours. But, I don't know how to turn them into a website. Can you make it clear for less than 24 hours?
Thank you.


Turn my html pages, cpanel account, domain, into a clear website.

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if the only task required is to upload them to your hosting&domain, it is less than 20 minute task. available to do it right away.

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  • order now!

    i will add the html pages publish them online as a wesite
    and as an added value optimize them for seo !

    here is my service
    no need hard work

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  • order now!

    sir check my services and my rate it's all 100%
    i own a server and provide cpanel and im a porgrammer all what you want is a simple job for me .
    i can upload your html pages into your cpanel and make ur site works perfectly
    this will be done in less than 24h after order ..


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