Voting for the project

Voting for the project

Hello! I would love to have your help and support on my startup project. I need votes to be able to progress to finals and pitch my concept as I am highly passionate about it and believe it can make a difference!
It would take you literally 3 sec to vote and all you need is a REAL working email address to fill in along with first name and last name

NO BOTS and fake emails please!!! Each time you vote -an email will be be sent to you, to verify your vote. I would ask you for a screenshot of successful completion - appears immediately as you press the Vote button - see image attached step 3
If you could do it in a bulk gradually adding votes along let s say 5 days time - please let me know - that would be the best and I am happy to do a custom order for it.
I really need your help, but emails must be real please


so 3 secs of what s needed:
1) go to
2) press green button VOTE NOW (see screenshot attached)
3) fill in first name, last name, and email and press VOTE NOW
4) have the confirmation screen (see screenshot attached)

If you could do it in a bulk gradually adding votes along let s say 5 days time - please let me know
thanks in advance

Skills Required

Seo Seller Facebook Twitter Youtube


i want to do this work. i have lot of experience about this type of jobs. i'll provide you 500 vote from different email ids / ips manually. order me now.

i will get you 1000 real vote on your cproject.i will use real email addresses just,hotmail&outlook.all process done with totally safe way.
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i will give you 1000 votes on your project within 3 days for $100

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hello. i can give you 10 votes. all real. i will do it very fast

get 100 votes with email for 12$

- fast and on time delivery
- real votes
- only organic email verified votes
- non drop votes

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thank you

please order me for voting from different emails.
i know you select me

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