Must be completed in 14 days       This listing has ended.       Willing to pay a maximum of $50
  • graphic designer
i need to create a 10 pages brouchure about website development, marketing online services.

i need to create a very very creative brouchure. You will have free mind to create it.


i need a complete brouchure about my services. i will give you a brief about what to do.

The brouchure must be in spanish so it should be better if you speak and write spanish.

10 pages
all images and fonts and content include
images must be free legal use or done by yourself.
creative minds

i want to impact with the creativity

if you are interested send me an example about your design style


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  • SouthernComfort

    I would be interested in working with you, the only problem I have is I don't speak Spanish. If you were to write up the brochure yourself I would be happy to help as low of a price let's say about... $35 dollars or more, depending on if you are overly satisfied with the work and feeling generous. I have 5+ years with photoshop (I'm not an illustrator kind of guy but with the proper dimensions I would be able to design just as good, if not better than a person with illustrator) and I'd like to say I am pretty creative. My "portfolio" is here (not my official one just yet, so deviantArt is meeting my needs until I get enough money to set one up):

    With a brochure like this I'm feeling something sleek and professional to catch your client's eyes. I frequently show my clients on my progress frequently, so in the end the product will be fitted exactly for your needs. If you are interested, contact me when you can and we can get started!

    7 years ago