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  • Business Card Design
  • Business Card Design
I have a business card design i need made. I have 2 logos for a business card, its for the same business but it relates to 2 different aspects. i want a simple double sided business card that gets the message across. the logo is not in vector but i would like it converted to vector as well, to make it look good on the card.


i would like the card to be made in illustrator, and i want the source files in case i want to add more info later.

make a double sided card and convert current logo to vector to be used on the card.
Level Required: 2+

Skills Required

Vector Illustrator Adobe


$ lvl.
Business Card Design
thanks for your offers i am expert this project please give me order.

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Business Card Design
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  • seoso

    I can give then business card for $10.
    please contacts me.

    1 year ago
  • abfairy

    I can do your work if you allow me

    1 year ago