Online Tutoring Website Design

Online Tutoring Website Design

I am looking for a professional to design a complete website solution. The concept actually is more or less like this site. The difference is that, the micro jobs are only for tutoring. The main features will be as follows:Tutors will subscribe to the website and will offer online lessons.

  • Buyers will be able to comment and rate the tutors as it is in here.
  • Tutors will have the option to offer one to one or crowd lessons.
  • The tutors will use an interactive whiteboard, a chat section and webcam.
  • Both parties will have the ability to send files such as doc, xls or pdf.
  • The lessons will be recorded as video file.
  • Recorded lessons also will be sold in the website.
  • There will be an advanced search and browsing tool for finding tutors and lessons.
  • A commission (%X) will be taken from the tutors service fee.
  • Remaining fee will be transferred to tutors account.
  • There will be various payment methods.


The above description clearly indicates the requirements. asp, php, html5, etc. can be used as long as it serves the purpose. The graphic design is not included. It is all about scripting. A complete guidance throughout the installation phase is necessary. The job will be completed when the website is online, running (for test purposes only, not commercial)

Skills Required

Programming Webdesign Webapp Php Asp Adobe


have a wonderful day.

i will design a new website and will follow the descriptions.i will follow ph5, html 5 and any other language.


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