Vector Tut video lesson

Vector Tut video lesson

Hello There

Firstfully look at this vector please

Okay done?
it's vector of me in real life
it's made by a pro Desginer , i want a video Tut to make same like this
and show how to do it with very good Explanation .
video should be interactively Learn no sound .

Please see the requirments and read the note carefully
if you can do this bid only

Thanks for reading now bid if you are sure you can do this

'' note! you can't send me old youtube videos..'
i want you to make one doing the example with teaching



Make a full [Interactive video Tutorial] .
Video Teach how to make Vectors like the example shown .
video should be Interactive and made perfectly

Note :
Poor Video Quality
Poor Explanation
Teaching something else than Example .
all Lead to Order Cancel

Skills Required



i willdo design for you and video animation

Created 5 years ago in Design

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