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  • I need a minisite which include squeeze page,sale page and download page
I need a minisite for my product, The product is a pdf file of 96pages and the niche is Female dating
The title is Dating the hottest chick online and offline
The minisite will include
(1)Squeeze page
(2)sale page
(3) Download Page
You will also write 1 full landing page; 5 emails for autoresponder campaign "mini course" PLUS 1 bonus lesson (total: 6 emails);
And write 4 additional sales emails for autoresponder campaign
Outsanding sales funnel is specially designed to hook customers in so that they have no option but to buy my product. So that actually make a huge return on investment (ROI) for a sales funnel that basically does the work on autopilot. Effective, professional copywriting...

TOTAL: 10 emails for autoresponder campaign and 1 landing page

In a nutshell,You create a minisite and also provide all the content for the whole project...
Apply for me to pick the best..Thank You


I need an experience and also an outstanding professional for this project

Skills Required

Graphic Website Design Seo Designer Studentarticle Writer


$ lvl.
Hire Me I Will Done Your Job
Instant work..
hire me
thanks in advance

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$30 1 order now!
I willdo design for you
I willdo design for you

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$50 1 order now!


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