Need drawing recreated on the computer

Need drawing recreated on the computer

I have a simple drawing of an inverted pyramid with the eye of Horus in it and I need it recreated on the computer in order to put it onto a t shirt and web site. I have the image of it in the regular pyramid but would like it upside down wile still fitting perfectly inside.


It's fairly simple and the only requirement is that it be high quality even though it is simplistic

Skills Required



drawing to your requirements and will look professional and done quick

you will get the best drawing done so it fits your website perf and t-shirt....
i will send a link to buy this for $5.... so altogether $6 for the best pro looking...
anyone order without hesitation and regret.....
once i send you the link you will be like ooooh, yes now i can buy tons more....

make 3d model and design

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