Website developing needed!

Website developing needed!

We are looking for a website developer with both front end and back end experience, to create a website that will have a few public pages and several hidden pages. Part of the job will be the creation of a customized referral system and of a database.

We are a not-or-profit timeshare advocacy organization that helps members of the community with their timeshare needs, at no cost to them. We will be employing people from across the country to find and refer customers to us. As a result, we will need that our website contains the following.:
About 4 pages visible to the public (Home, About us, FAQ and Contact us).
A hidden page that will be accessible to prospective employees. On that page, they will find information as to how they can money with us. If they agree to the terms and conditions, they will be taken to another page that must contain an employment application form with several fields (name, DOB, address, phone number, email address, SSN and acceptance of the employment conditions) and a link to an interactive PDF W9 form (taxation form that is available online, and which contains interactive fields). They will be prompted to save the completed IRS form to their computer, email or mail us a copy, and send another copy to the IRS. As for the application for employment, it will be stored in our database. Once the employees complete all the necessary forms to work for us, they will be assigned a personal identification code and will be able to print business cards containing their name, their ID code, and some other information relevant to our business. When they find people who need assistance with their timeshares, they will hand them these business cards.
Customers will then access a page on our website (link specified on the business card given to them by their referrer), will read a brief description of how we can help them, then will be able to complete their personal details on a contact form (name, address, telephone and email address) and will have to input their referrer’s number as well. That will link them to their referrer on our database, so once we are able to assist those customers, their referrer will get paid for referring those customers to us. The referrers will be able to log in with their personal identification number, and have access to limited information about the progress of the case (that information will be in the form of pre-set notifications, such as ‘case started’, ‘payment pending’, ‘payment completed’, and maybe another couple of notifications). I will constantly update the database to make sure that the progress of the case is displayed.
So, in brief, we need an experienced web developer with both front end and back end experience that will build our website and create the public pages as well as the referral system and associated databases. The following pages will be needed:
Home page (public)
About us (public)
FAQ (public)
Contact Us (public)
Employee information page with link to employment application form (hidden page)
Employment application form, link to W9 form (hidden page). Completion of these forms by employee should result in the issuance of a personal identification code and the ability to print business cards (template to be discussed).
Customer access page with info about our organization and link to application form for assistance (hidden page).
Customer application form (derived from 7 above). Completion of this form by customer must link that customer to their referrer. (hidden page)
Log in page for referrer where they can view pre-set notifications about the progress of the case. (hidden page)Clearly, there will be a database to compile employees/referrers and customers’ info. We currently have 1GB of Cloud storage with our IPage website, we will expand that storage on a need basis. I will have access to the databases, and the option to update cases with pre-set notifications for the benefit of the referrers.


We expect the job to be done according to our requirements within 2-3 weeks at the most, and to be constantly updated and consulted on the progress. Contract conditions to be clearly specified before we commit to hiring a specialist. We will consider, in priority, specialists with proven experience and great customer satisfaction rating.

Skills Required

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