Email promoting from multiple

Email promoting from multiple

The price will depend on how many.
This is why it will be filed under blog comments.. imagine you wanted to send a bunch of simple blog comments but only through email?
That's all, it's super simple.

I just need to have anywhere from 50 to 500 different email addresses write to a particular email address, and they can't look like bad addresses.... they should or something as long as they are in the country US looking email addresses.

So maybe you have a simple script you can place what I write into these emails and drip feed them to the location in question for a week or so? I can even make you a version of the letter and you can vary it with me... this could be a long standing thing.
We can negotiate the price...

I would like to be private at this stage but the mechanics are simple: multi-email address (you) writing back to a single email address. I promise this will not be seen as spamming at all. You will see why when or if it is you that wins the bid.

Thank You


You just have to be able to send many emails out from many addresses and drip fed over time, some days greater number , some days a few . Bottom line is you are sending a simple message from typical US type email address. and you should be able to come up with a one sentence version of what I will share with you. It cannot look like bad grammar.
Thank You

Skills Required



i will do it if you like ,but with disposable email addresses ,they last for a short but i can create 1000 emails and use them to send to your many do you want send and how long ,as in the time period before payment ,please et me know

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