Buy website with demostrated income

Buy website with demostrated income

I would like to buy a demostrated revenue-generating web.
A website/blog that generates passive income on autopilot mode.
Website should be currently active and certify monthly income.
Once the web bought my only task would make a good SEO positioning.
It´s buying a web/blog with consolidated fixed income.
Anyone to sell me this website or blog??


Website skills, Adsense professional and others...

Skills Required

Webdesigner Adsense Passive Income Referals Webselling


you can earn massive income with fqcebook viral funny app.

i will sell a website which generates income from adsense monthly and the website is developed in php...
my features:
1. i will share my google analytics to you-you can verify the traffic and other credentials
2. it is unique design and concept
3. i haven't done any so till yet even though it generating income if you do seo you will

dear i was created wesite this is buy and sell site mean online shoping. where people buy and sell there product. every thing works fine. i have no time to maintain .
i will give you full access...

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