scroll ia few pages in my website

scroll ia few pages in my website

What is expected from workers?

  1. Clear browser cookies first or open the private browser window.
  2. Copy and paste the link into your browser:
  3. Press the search button again on Search engine.
    Read and scroll normally. You will see the Next Page when you scroll down. Press the Next Page button on each page to visit a total of 10 pages. You will see the Get Code button when you have visited a total of 10 pages. You will see this code when you press the Get Code button 82XXXXXXXXXXX1700000XXXXXXXXXXX8X00
  4. Now, follow:



Don't use a blocker otherwise, I blocked you for the next jobs.

I am reviewing every job, if you commit fraud you will be blocked from future jobs.

Step 1 and 7 is very important if you can't complete step 1 and 7 then I can't pay

Required proof that task was finished?

  1. Please give 2 Urls of the Website you visited in step 5. It is necessary to get paid for the job
  2. Submit the 8th URL post visited:
  3. Auto validated proofs
    1. Q: Enter your code: (Note: please enter code text only) Hint:09XXXXXXX011XXXXX1112XXXX268XXXXXXXXX9

Skills Required



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