some to help promote my webpages

some to help promote my webpages

Im looking for some to gaurentee me sales on my webpages. Im promoting varies products and need help with a jumpstart.


The flat amount i will pay you is 30, but you will need to get a minimum of 3 sales within a 2 weeks time span. You will help promote my products on the webpages i have provided. If you have a lead direct your lead to my webpage and be specific and tell them if they click on the banners and hotlinks it will redirect them to the actual companies website for which product they will be looking at Try and push the zcode system as much as possible

Pay incentives

Additional sales after
3 sales = $10 more per sale
10 sales=$15 more per sale
15 sales=$20 more per sale
20-25sales=$25 more per sale
if you get 25 or more sales I will throw in an extra 25 on top of the $30 additonal

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