profiles for web site

profiles for web site

The person or persons that I am looking for must be a hard worker and very reliable. the individual must have great data entry skills, must be willing to work, and must be capable of creating a couple of profiles. This person must create only 15-20 profiles there will be further info on the profiles desired on the individual is accepted for the job. The individual must log onto the site,create e mail, and password, then upload profiles. The profiles will consist of people that really do not exist, these people of course be fiction. The reason I am wanting these profiles created is to test the system from an outside source. So the buyer will recieve 120 dollars to perform a simple task


I expect the worker to work hard and be efficient the individual that is chosen for
this project will recieve good money for a small amount of work.The individual must create profile as well as log on to site, enter email address, and as mentioned before create profile Its that simple.

Skills Required


i sense a d u l t stuff going on.
ready for the job

sir i have 18 years experience in data entry work with create profile. i have already completed many types of project. i can give you best result with 100% satisfactions grantees. thanks. waiting for your response...

i will create quality profiles you need for $95 .....if you need from different ip addresses

hi there i am a hardworking person that you are looking for. i can do the job and have it submitted as you want it to be. i am an experienced data entry worker and online most of my time.

i can do it for you no problem . you can give me some work and try if i am qualified for your job .

i'm a job seeker working very hard without sifting day and night. i've done data entry jobs for more than 5 years, i have earned enough experience. please allow me to do i will never let you down. trust me i'm a sincere worker.i can start you work right away.
thank you

hi! i have made many profiles for people in the past for their forums and websites, and i am positive that i can do this. i will make you multiple accounts which will look real and be verified with real emails and info. message me if you have any questions and i hope you have a great day!

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