Need 1000 REAL US traffic with actions (clicks).

Need 1000 REAL US traffic with actions (clicks).


In need of 1000 real, unique, not generated by software, bots, proxy, vpn or cloud services US traffic with actions on website for 10 days.

All visits will be carefully verified!

The actions:

  1. The visitor enter the landing page (will be provided).
  2. Clicks on button.
  3. After new page is opened, visitor is waiting ~20-30 seconds (do page scrolling up/down like text reading).
  4. Click on any link in text.
Thats it!

On action Nr.4 the total number of clicks need to be 30% from total number of visits. In another word, every 3rd visitor (after 20-30 seconds of waiting/reading the text) cliks on any link! After 10 days I need to see 1000 unique visitors and 300 unique clicks (+-).

Be ready to provide TEST traffic.


1000 visitors and 300 clicks after 10 days from real US humans (read the task). All visits (IP, ISP, behavior map, etc.) will be verified for realism!

Skills Required

traffic seo behavior usa clicks


please order me for a better and real human traffic to your website..

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    i will deliver 1000 real us human traffic with actions (click)
    delivery time 3 days
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