Deliver verified quality leads on my CPA campaigns

Deliver verified quality leads on my CPA campaigns

I have several mobile, country based, carrier targeted and OS oriented CPA campaigns that i want to promote.
The type of campaigns will be updated on a regular base to keep the offers fresh, so the campaigns will not run for too long.

I am looking for someone who is willing to start a potential cooperation with me into promoting my offers and deliver conversions.
If the conversions and traffic are satisfactory i am willing to scale up.

I am a honest, decent person that aims for quality for all involved parties.
I will never screw someone up, and expect the same in return.

I know many people prefer these methods in their own favor more, which is totally understandable.
Yet i know that several people exist which get their satisfaction out of helping and supporting others more, and are self sufficient enough that they simple don't require more than they already generate.
So this request is aimed to those who are willing to help me on my way to becoming successful.

Due to several reasons i have failed in becoming a successful IM the past 7 years, and continuing to struggle the way i am doing now will not get me much further, hence i posted this request.

Please leave your offer (Price VS Conversions + Country + (Carriers if applicable))

The offers i want to promote are both mainstream and adult oriented.

Thanks in advance.


Minimum of 50 verified mobile conversions for selected country -> platform -> carrier. (Verification may take up to 7 days)

Skills Required

Trustworthy Quality


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