Must be completed in 5 days       This listing has ended.       Willing to pay a maximum of $10
  • Advertise and gain me active users/posters on an image board
We require a person(s) whom can gain us traffic towards an 8ch site. It doesn't have to be from a particular country, but the terms are that they MUST at-least post and become active on this image board. Participate in activity and stay active. Anyone who can regulate traffic to our image board who will bring more activity will be rewarded with the offered amount.


Some SEO skill..
be able to bring traffic
USA traffic is not required but would be an ideal locale for incoming posters
Level Required: 2+

Skills Required

Seo Website Websitetraffic


$ lvl.
100 image repin on p interest
have a wonderful day.

pinterest is one of the world biggest and largest image based social media marketing website. this is an image based marketing website also. 100 people will share your image with their board and several thousands of people will see that.


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$10 3 order now!


  • pixel80

    i want to ur job..plz contact inbox..

    9 months ago