SLOWLY 5000 UK traffic in 30 days!!!!with keywords !!!!!

SLOWLY 5000 UK traffic in 30 days!!!!with keywords !!!!!

i need 30 days slowly - 50-100-vists daily- UK target keyword traffic
or the original link with your trackable link

My keywords are: plantar fasciitis, orthotic insoles, night splint, heel pain, foot pain.

I need total 5000 ÚK target traffic
can you do it and what wi ?ll me cost^???what service muss i buy ??

then i will buy from you always every month

can you do it SLOWLY !!!!with keywords !!!!!and 5000 UK traffic in 30 days !!!!!
best regards


i will test you first with 3000 UK traffic , SLOWLY !!!!with keywords !!!!!a !for 1$ ...if everything ok then i buy monthly from you

please send what you can do really with KEYWORDS + SLOWLY

Skills Required




i can provide you'

my price is low

please give me a chance for your work.

waiting for your replay........

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