Post to Kijiji ads daily

Post to Kijiji ads daily

i am looking for a software or service to automatically post classified ads to daily (not craigslist). i am looking for either someone to provide:

1) service to post an ad on kijiji for me daily (for example, $x for 30 days of daily posting) or;
2) provide a kijiji classified posting software that let's me schedule auto posting daily


1) service to post an ad on kijiji for me or;
2) software to schedule auto posting

Skills Required

Marketing Webmasters Seo Traffic Backlinks


i will provide you a free kijiji auto poster/scheduler software which you can use for up to 15 days or up to 15 ads with absolutely no other cost. the software will be fully functional for 15 days/ads which is enough to try it out for only $1.

after that you can start using the software for as little as only $5.99/month and post unlimited n

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