Get paid to invite people to our event.

Get paid to invite people to our event.

We are hosting a Twitter online webinar on March 8 and for every person that signs up under your PROMO CODE (we will assign), we will purchase a $5.00 gig from you and mark it done. The webinar is only $10.00 and we are offering a nice bonus.

Takes couple of days for the money to clear to our account, but this is some real fast money. So hurry and let me know if you can make this happen and I will assign a code for you and send you my links.

Thanks and lets make some quick cash.

Sister Chicago


You simply need to market the webinar and the person who signs up must put in your code when paying. (They can not come back and put in codes, that will not be accepted.) So be sure that your PROMO CODE is clearly seen in all of your promotions.

Skills Required

Twitterfollowa Facebooktraffi Sales Signups


reply me and message me with more details.


i am keen to know more about and then get some potential candidates to join the webinar.


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