USA location & register Google places

USA location & register Google places

You register Google Places ( in Google map ) with address in USA for my website .
You can write any address in USA (I don’t care any address in USA ) but Google want the verify by Post Card , then you need the real address where you can receive the postcard .
However google may be allow to verify by mobile phone ( you can buy new SIM phone ) . I think you need to have real address in USA because normally verify by Postcard .
If you are in USA and the real address , it is easy .


location in USA . Gmail , Google places .
-1. Now you are in USA , you have the address to receive the PostCard and you may be buy the new SIM phone .
-2. you must register the new Gmail account . ( you give this email & password to me too ) . Then you register the Google Places with this new Gmail .
-3 . I will give the URLs of my website .

If you are not in USA , please not bid my project .

Skills Required

Google Gmail


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