I have known Anthony for 10 yrs. now, I have much love and respect for this young man, he is a humble,down to earth person he has helped several of his peers that were down on their luck, Sheltered them shared his room, with no hesitation. He also counseled his female friends on how to stay safe, he has so much potential, He has a son that he simply adores and was working on visitation, he is a very hard worker, was bout to begin college, Music is his passion. Anthony had a difficult upbringing, alcohol,drugs and domestic violence, absent parent/parent's ...landed him in a foster home. His mother did the best with what she new, which was not enough, He unfortunately met a one person that would change his life forever, He trusted and believed in this person, That was his downfall, however this person had evil intention's with a smile, in a blink of an eye his planed future was gone, Anthony went to prison for the first time in his life, not for contributing in the crime but for being a association, Which I believe in my heart, He fell victim , there was nothing he could do. He again got railroaded His lawyer unfortunately was not a experienced criminal lawyer, He was actually a mortgage lawyer, which did not help the situation. He got 3 yrs. Anthony used his time wisely, He got his G.E.D also stayed focused by going to class all day, He is currently in the fire camp and is soon to be released, I took it upon myself, he does not know Iam doing this
He would not allow it, However I seriously think he deserved a second chance to finally begin where he left off, He is going to need important
items to help him on his journey, the funds will be used for clothes, shoes, driver license, just to name a few, i only have a month for this miracle to happen, please help this young man with a head start to his journey...This support will mean the world to me and i know it will Mean a lot more for Anthony with this welcome surprise, It is about time he has something wonderful happen to him, after all the wonderful things he has done for people.This will be the best thing that ever happened to him, besides his son.....THANK YOU


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i will give you 2500 vote

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