200 Telegram group members (one time gig- up to 15min)

200 Telegram group members (one time gig- up to 15min)

Hi, can anyone import 200 contacts from their Telegram account at the arranged time to a group (not a channel)? We really need to delete the notification of added members immediately.

Literally, this job is to join a Telegram group, and import (add) 200 people to a given channel at the European time agreed. Should take less than 15min.


- also English-like names of "new members" - not all, but some
- if possible- we could add 4x 50 people at the arranged time- also one time 200 is OK
- organized person- timing is vital
- steady members- they need to stick in the channel for 4 months (can be muted)
- reliability and confidentiality

Skills Required

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