Fanpage Admins Needed

Fanpage Admins Needed

I just finished developing an algorithm that checks for a very serious vulnerability that's affecting thousands of Facebook Fanpages.

I am looking for admins to check their Fanpage at and then report how easy the software was to use.

Also, I would like to know if your Fanpage displayed a message saying:

Your Fanpage is Safe or Vulnerability Detected.

I will pay you for your time, thanks!


Must be a Fanpage admin to use

Skills Required

Facebook Photo Fanpage Comments Votes


10k facebook fanpages. like for $100

i have 2 fanpage and have a some real fans. i can do many post for a long 30 days

yes i have many page i have just put username .its showing ,
your fan page is safe - nice job!

i will give you 1000 facebook fanpage likes.
instant start work.
must be complete 5 days.
order now!
thank you.

i will check my 2 fanpage !

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  • order now!

    i own 2 good fanpages, and i can check them out, and got few others but small ones (like 5k active members or so) i can check those too.

    i can manage & adming your fbpage depending your market nitch and country. i will give you tips and show you how to do better stuffs in fbpage.
    i will post, invert in publicity in your fbpage, etc ;)

    i will check my fanpage in your site and will let you know about the report after.

    have a wonderful day.

    i will be come admin for this page to check the fan pages of facebook and love to do work very much for this algorithm.for every 10$ i will check 100 fan pages and i will provide you snapshot report also.


    give you 10k likes for $100.

    order me

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