we want profissional pesrson

we want profissional pesrson

we are Adonia company for art and we have a lot of artists and we want someone who can dor his work very good and fast and professionally so read the requirements please and we will talk for price and the days to finish it be ready be honest be the best with us because we have a lot of work with you to do so give as a best price that you can give and we will see who the best one we will choice him but look if you can make it say that i can if you not please don't waste our time beacuse we have a lot of work to do
best regards
linda gordo....


1 million facebook like for 1 page active and real human not bots and will not disappear after couple days
1 million followers instagram for one account real active human not disappear after couple days
1 million youtube vevo views verrrrrrry safe for adsense and will not make a channel block or bock the video and views will not disappear after couple
1 million youtube subscriber verry safffffe for adsens will not disappear after couple
1 million twitter followers active and human
and if you can make the deal we will talk about how many like or comment or share we will do for every post in our page (one post every month)but this is an another job
sooooooo all this must be verrrrry professionally beacuse its a vevo channel so are you ready to make it ???

Skills Required

Facebookfanpag Youtubeservice Twitterfollowa Instagramservi


im experienced on seo marketing, working on this business since 2005
if you are company so you know youtube adsense rules
you need real views
you can pay me 1200 dollars and get 1 million+ views
+ additional 1000 likes +

but this is real views

i can give you 1.300.000+ twitter followers for 1100
but from 1300000+ is 1 million is active

100k twitter followers and 100k instagram followers only for $300.
please sir order now,

pls i can order me
i will provide a
500k followers instagram

1 million youtube vevo

1 million twitter followers
three package price 2300$

i willdo design for you

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